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Sub Zero fanart

Subzero is the one who dragged me into the game art industry
It was 2001 and i’m 9
Went to playstation rental after school before going home, not to play…
Just watch…
Bcz i’m suck at game and didnt have the money, but it doesnt matter, cause i enjoy watching that revolutionaire ps1 3d graphic back then.

Watching a dude playing mortal kombat 4 from back of his chair and amazed, how game can be this cool.

til i realized a blue ninja ( my favorite color) with crazy ass ice ability
I told that guy to try that character, but he let me to try it on myself, i refused because i’m too suck at the game lol.

From that time i keep drawin that blue ninja in my school books.

And here i am, a pretty competent game illustrator (i guess).
That really want to work on game assets from subzero one day. Thats one of my top goal in my career

Til now i still cant play mortal kombat but still follow their updates especially subzero my fav.
even tho its kinda sad watching subz getting fatalitied in every trailer 🤣

So this fanart is my appreciation to my childhood idol.
good job for mortalkombat , Ed Boon and Netherrealm studios for MK1.
This SubZero in this MK1 is the best looking subzero of all time.
i’ll buy the premium edition in the first week launch eventho i cant play fighting game

Also if can, please dont make bihan a dead bad guy this time...
you know what... if you really want to k*ll someone so bad. Just k*ll kuailiang… and bring back hanzo as scorpion.....
And bcz that kuailiang, maybe we can get a good guy noobsaibot this time haha.